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🇪🇸 Vitoria-Gasteiz

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Reviews from other cities

     Bar Mar y Montana - Different prices for locals and tourists

Put your best Spanish accent on when ordering because any hint of you being a tourist, you will be charged more which is against EU law. Reported! Read more or comment - Sea foods Akwa Ibom State

Dear Madam, I want to introduce Innovicann international LTD, permanent site for fishing to you, family and friends, is located at Bakasi Cameroon. / Akwa Ibom State Nigeria water, We deal with the processing of both dry and fresh fish, cra... Read more or comment

     La tarara Miranda - Homemade delicious food in a beautiful restaurant

La Tarara was a very nice surprise. This wonderful restaurant is spacious and very nicely decorated. The food is delicious, well presented and the menu and a great value for the money. The staff is very friendly and professional. Definitely... Read more or comment

     Restaurante Fonda Espana - Horrible. Never go there !

C’est un scandale FUYEZ! Le minimum est une étoile, cela devrait être 0! La nourriture est insipide (du surgelé) servi à la va vite après 1 heure d’attente Les toilettes sont plus que sales (des toilettes d’autoroute font limite rêver). A v... Read more or comment

     Asociacion Aexdma - Theives. and robbers!

Last friday the 22nd of april an agente of aexdma robbed money from my hair salón in la herradura. After i had donated some money to the charity. I have supported these charitys for 15 years in Spain and i Will never trust them again. Shame... Read more or comment

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