Has been quite a surprise. Delicoffee has a nice decor, excellent staff and really delicious food .A quiet place to drink coffee and work at the same time

Madrid #3,310 rating: 5/5

Servicio Nefasto, desde que cambiaron de dueño (para ser mas exactos, la impertinencia y el no saber atender y estar la tiene el hombre que no tiene pelo) todo ha ido a peor: comida y servicio. Ya nos hemos sentido ma... read more

Cornellà de Llobregat #3,263 rating: 1/5

todo resuelto en el mismo día. todo con amabilidad y profesionalidad . enhorabuena Alicante . tienes un comercio 10. el viejo zapatero en una calle emblemática del centro . recomendable 100

Alicante #3,255 rating: 5/5

I love this place in a beautiful area of ​​Madrid. Crispy and delicious fresh salads. The desserts are truly irresistible and the employees are lovely. I love madrid and spain <3

Madrid #3,220 rating: 5/5

The fish was nice but frozen chips is unacceptable for 9.75 euros. Also please consider taking cards, surely can't be difficult as it adjoins a Consum supermercado

Alcossebre #3,207 rating: 3/5

Biography; This is data about the exhibitionist Christofer Döss in Sweden, also known as nakencrille. Christofer Döss (born in Sweden January 30, 1970) is an exhibitionist nude model and blogger, known as nakencrille. ... read more

Carrizal #3,197 rating: 5/5

Hola, Yo hablo espanola , es no perfecto , yo continuar en idoma engles, lo sciento. I arrived at aeropuerto de las palmas sabado passado 5/3/17 and yo tomar coche alquelada para 5 semanna. yo vivo en Calle De Los Pescad... read more

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria #3,059 rating: 3/5

I just love it !! small prices, great designs, very good service. the store is WOW i love the line of jewels with old coins. I purchase a Roman coin ring in silver and a pendant for my BF with a coin of Tibet. is awesome... read more

Barcelona #3,054 rating: 5/5

Great selections, I had the best experience with the designer.I got made a fantastic dress to my specifications and with very high quality material, Prices are very compatible. Overall experience EXTREMELY HAPPY.... read more

#2,949 rating: 5/5

Very nice and tasty. Reasonable pricing and good environment.The best pizza and grill, dessert I have ever eaten in a restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, a very nice and cozy place, is a and good and prompt service.... read more

Palma #2,943 rating: 5/5