I have been going to the Vaiven Bar on my visits to Mil Palmeras for several years now. It's one of my favourite places and is a must if you want to watch sport as they have several screens inside and out. My grands... read more

#3,676 rating: 5/5

had toast + topping and coffee for E 2--@.30. quiet place to sit and avoid hi prices of hotel. little english, but limited menu and easy finger pointing.

Córdoba #3,651 rating: 4/5

Rare to get an authentic Thai massage in Europe. Really good here, no pain no gain! My girlfriend went for the oil massage, she was really impressed! Thoroughly recommend after a long day on the beach

#3,620 rating: 5/5

Cafetería diferente.Se puede trabajar con el portátil,tienen prensa diaria para echar un ojo. Buen café,repostería casera.Trato amable.Precios para todos los bolsillos y de primera calidad.Te puedes tomar un café y ... read more

Madrid #3,603 rating: 5/5

This tattoo studio is a joke ,the italian tattoo artish (if you could call him an artist) should be ashamed of him self as his tattoos are so bad and his attitude is so bad if you complain also he is going to change his ... read more

#3,597 rating: 1/5

you don't get much worse than this as a tattoo studio .when this guy gets bad reviews on his facebook page his facebook goes down for a couple of weeks and they are removed funny that .the tattoos coming out of this... read more

#3,590 rating: 1/5

beware fake studio as rabbit tattoo studio closed down about 3 years a go .this guys tattoos look very poor jusr like the scrachers you get back in the uk who give bad tattoos and only want your money .( beware beware f... read more

Costa Teguise #3,578 rating: 1/5

Went last summer (2016) Great food, service and atmosphere.Was one of my fave places to eat in the area.Went again May 17.Wont be going again. The service was atrocious.From the cutlery being placed at the wrong sides, a... read more

#3,466 rating: 2/5

After using this restaurant for the last 15 yrs I will never use it again.. The staff were always happy to serve you... in the last year the staff have changed and tonight the girls attitude was a disgrace and we walked ... read more

#3,464 rating: 1/5

Situated in an old hause passed 3 Km Palas de Rei, very clean. You can eat home made food. Bar, terrace...a good place for relax and keep contact with the real Camino.

#3,338 rating: 5/5